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Frequently asked questions

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  1. Q: How much does it cost to book a show with a stripper?
    A: It all depends on what city the show will be, the booking fee covers the exotic dancers traveling cost and time which slightly varies from show to show. Check the price page or just give us a call to book your show or receive a price quote for your area.
  2. Q: What forms of payment are accepted? Can I tip with a credit card?
    A: For the show fee we accept cash, visa, and mastercard. We don't accept checks. Currently we're not accepting credit cards for the purpose of tipping.
  3. Q: How long do the strippers stay?
    A: The strippers stay up to an hour assuming that the crowd is participating in the show. They may stay longer if he or she doesn't have a previously booked show at another location. In case you do want a show over an hour you can book a longer show for an additional charge.
  4. Q: How far in advance should I book my stripper for a party?
    A: Although we are more than capable of providing same day service with as little as an hour notice. We recommend booking your show one to two weeks in advance to ensure your desired time slot and stripper is available.
  5. Q: Do I have to tip my stripper? If so how much?
    A: It is the industry standard to tip your stripper. The show fee covers both the company's and your performer's expenses, tipping is how to make your stripper feel appreciated for their performance. It's the person whom booked the show responsibility to ensure that everyone in attendence has money to tip your stripper, no we don't mean you have to give everyone money. What we do mean is that participation in the games or activities that the stripper performs at your show require tipping, so to ensure that your guest and most importantly the guest of honor has a great time the majority of the crowd should participate in the show.
  6. Q: Are there any hidden costs?
    A: Absolutley not, just the show fee quoted over the phone and tips as previously discussed.
  7. Q: Can we take pictures or use a video camera?
    A: It varies from performer to performer, some are comfortable with it some are not. If you want to takes pictures or record video at your show it should be discussed with your stripper before the show begins.
  8. Q: What do the strippers need before and once they arrive?
    A: Before your stripper arrives have your room where the performance will take place properly setup, with enough space for her or him to comfortably perform their routine and places for your guest to sit. Once they arrive first thing that your entertainer needs is a place to change, preferably a bedroom but a bathroom will do the job as well. Before and during the show your dancer may want some water or something else to drink. Lastly for everybody to just relax and have a great time.
  9. Q: Are we guaranteed the stripper of our choice? Should I choose a backup?
    A: If you choose several exotic dancers that you will be happy with we can guarantee 99% of the time that you'll receive one of your choices. Do to unforseen occurence such as illness, accidents, and scheduling conflicts your first choice may not be available. We have dozens of hot female strippers and male strippers to choose from so finding someone you would be excited to see naked shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Q: How do I make a reservation?
    A: Give us a call at 800-363-9242 or any of our other phone numbers above and talk to one of our friendly booking agents and she'll walk you through the rest.

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